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Baseline Conditions TM (Phase I, Task 15)   (37.2 MB)

Kings Basin Integrated Hydrologic Modeling - Hydrogeologic Investigation   (6.5 MB)

White Paper No. 1: Summary of Land Use and Water Use   (2.2 MB)

Hydrologic Modeling Of The Kings Groundwater Basin - A White Paper   (36.4 MB)

Kings Basin Integrated Hydrologic Modeling - Modeling Objectives and Strategy (TM)   (8.3 MB)

IRWMP Vision, Problem Statements, Goals and Objectives   (43.8 KB)

Analysis of Water Demands in Kings Basin TM (Phase I, Task 3)   (35.1 MB)

Analysis of Water Supplies in Kings Basin TM (Phase I, Task 4)   (37.7 MB)

Planning Framework, Integration Strategy and Assumptions TM (Phase I, Task 12 and 14)   (7.7 MB)

Water Management Strategies - Opportunities and Constraints TM (Phase I, Task 13)   (712 KB)

2030 Baseline Assumptions for Land Use, Water Demand & Supplies   (1.1 MB)

Review of City and County General Plans   (855 KB)

Kings IRWMP Water Quality TM Final   (18.3 MB)

Recharge Potential TM   (33.2 MB)

Presentation: Water Forum February 8, 2007   (0.98 MB)

Upper Kings Water Forum Briefing Booklet Oct 26, 2006   (0.85 MB)

Upper Kings Water Forum Principles in Agreement   (0.05 MB)

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